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Japan PM Abe begins new term with vow to increase North Korea pressure

Japan PM Abe begins new term with vow to increase North Korea pressure Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (C) chats with colleagues in the lower house of parliament © AFP / TORU YAMANAKA By AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE , Tokyo, Japan, Nov 1 – A newly re-elected Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Wednesday pledged increasing pressure on North Korea to force the nuclear-armed country to the negotiating table, days before a visit by US President Donald Trump expected to be dominated by the threat from Pyongyang. Kicking off a fresh term in office after he was formally re-elected by parliament, Abe hailed his recent thumping election victory as a means to further squeeze a North Korean regime that has alarmed the region with missile launches and a sixth nuclear test in recent months. “A strong mandate from the people is a source of strong diplomacy,” Abe told a press conference Wednesday, adding that a tough line could persuade Pyongyang to ask for negotiations. “When President Trump visits Japan, we will spend sufficient time analysing the latest North Korean issues and discussing ways to deal with them,” Abe said. Signs of any message by Trump to the North will be closely watched during his Asian tour, which begins at the weekend and will see him visit Tokyo from Sunday through Tuesday. Trump will also visit South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. During his election campaign Abe, a staunch conservative, stressed the need for strong leadership to deal with what he called Japan’s “twin crises”: a shrinking birth rate and the actions of a belligerent and nuclear-armed North Korea, which has sent missiles over northern Japan in recent months. Abe’s conservative Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) swept to a two-thirds “super majority” in the 465-seat lower house on October 22. He was reinstated as premier by a huge majority Wednesday and then reappointed all of his cabinet ministers. The 63-year-old is now on track to become Japan’s longest-serving premier. Abe now has the parliamentary numbers to start a process to change Japan’s pacifist constitution — an ambition he has long cherished.

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A Great Trip Is Only A Few Tips Away

Many people really enjoy traveling to a variety of destinations throughout life. Just about everyone loves traveling, but the stress that sometimes occurs in undeniable. The following article can help you make travel plans with less hassle.

Make sure you have all essential information in written form when traveling far afield. You should have contact information for your embassy or consulate in your destination locale. You will need to contact the embassy if you have any trouble. They can help with the issues you experience.

One important thing to keep in your wallet is a color photograph of your child. This can come in handy if he or she gets lost. It is extremely frightening to become separated from your child. Unfortunately, it can happen. Being able to show a photo might make a critical difference in the time it takes to locate your child should he or she get lost.

Try exercising prior to flying. Long flights are found to be hard to sit through. Your back and legs can start to cramp up after sitting for such a long time period. To eliminate back and leg pain, stretch and do a light workout to prepare for your flight.

You don't save much space using travel size toiletries and when you run out, the local stores often charge more for products that you need to replace. Try to be more efficient in how you pack instead. These tips and tricks can help you to create more space in your bag as you pack.

When you travel abroad, you should find out what insurance coverage your credit card company offers. Cancelled flights might be covered if paid for with a certain credit card. Before setting of on your trip, it is important to research everything.

If you have a motorcycle license, consider using a motorcycle for your next trip. You can get underway quickly and enjoy the ride with ease. It can be a lot of fun.

Don't drive during rush hour. If that is absolutely unavoidable, use rush hour time to take a break. This may be an opportunity to stop for something to eat and give the kids time to get some exercise.

Are you traveling overnight via an airplane? Take some sleeping pills with you. Sleeping on a plane can be difficult due to the uncomfortable seats, the strange atmosphere and the sounds of the aircraft and other passengers. You can make your flight less unpleasant by taking a sleeping aid to help you get some shut-eye during the night. You do not want to take the pills right before you take off, because if there is any type of problem or delay, you need to be alert.

Write reminders for yourself. This will help you to keep organized. You can easily clean the dry-erase marker with toilet paper, which makes this approach convenient and simple.

As was discussed at the beginning of this article, many people enjoy to travel. Generally, many do not enjoy the planning part of a trip. Apply the advice in this piece to have an easier planning experience.
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Major US military exercises with S.Korea 'suspended indefinitely'

Earlier, South Korean President Moon Jae-in acknowledged that "there may be very conflicting views" about the summit, but it had still helped mitigate fears of a nuclear war. South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha appeared meanwhile to sidestep the issue of military drills, saying the matter would be left to military authorities to discuss, and that the US-South Korea alliance remained "as robust as ever." While it is not directly involved, Japan also considers the exercises vital. Harry Harris, who until last month headed the US military's huge Pacific Command, has been a staunch advocate of the military exercises. But he told US lawmakers on Thursday that his position had changed. "The whole landscape has shifted and I believe that we should give exercises, major exercises, a pause," Harris told senators at his confirmation hearing to be the US envoy to South Korea. In the latest step to ease cross-border friction, the two Koreas held their highest-level military talks in over a decade Thursday in the Demilitarized Zone that divides the two countries. In a joint statement the two sides agreed to restore their military communication lines and to halt "hostile acts," Yonhap news agency reported. And Russian President Vladimir Putin conveyed to a senior North Korean official an invitation for Kim to visit Russia, as he praised the results of the summit. Trump had raised eyebrows by describing his own country's drills on the Korean peninsula as "provocative," a term used by the North for the exercises. Pyongyang describes its nuclear weapons and long-range missiles as a shield against US aggression, and has in the past linked denuclearization to the removal of US forces from the peninsula.

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